I’m a hacker-journalist, working at ProPublica.

In terms of journalistic output, I build news applications, perform data analyses, and occasionally report on topics such as elections, healthcare data breaches, and wasteful military spending, and cybersecurity.

In terms of tech / platform work, I lead devops/site infrastructure work, and deal with web security and privacy issues as they relate to our work -- including things like providing a Tor onion service to our readers.

I'm also a core contributor to the Tor Project, with a focus on mobile privacy software and onion service deployment. I originally developed Onion Browser, the open source Tor-capable browser for iOS.

I'm a core developer of several open-source tools that help everyday peole use public data and help governments work more transparently, like Tabula (which received a grant from the Knight Foundation and was a finalist for a 2014 Online News Association Award) and CivOmega (which received a grant from the Sunlight Foundation).

I share a lot of my work: I open-source a lot of projects at GitHub, I was formerly an adjunct instructor at the New York University Studio 20 program, and I occasionally participate in conference panels, talks, and workshops, teaching people about threat modeling, encryption tools, and journalistic data analysis.

In other pursuits: Sometimes I take pictures, and have a bunch of work up at Flickr and Instagram. I'm an FCC-licensed amateur radio operator with an "Amateur Extra"-class license (callsign: WU7I); I mostly use noise-robust digital modes like FT8 and packet radio protools like APRS. I used to be more of a gamer, but occasionally I can still be found playing things like Street Fighter V (where I main Zangief; fighter ID: Mercurius99999), Overwatch, Diablo III (bnet: VagrantNova#1144) or (perhaps somewhat embarrassingly) Pokemon Go. I have a tendency to pick up new obsessive hobbies at an alarming rate.

A small selection of projects and speaking engagements are listed below.

Many more open-source projects and snippets are at GitHub or my ProPublica staff page.

I don't have a LinkedIn account, and don’t want to join your professional network on LinkedIn.

Contact info


Obfuscated, but should be easy to figure out:

  • {first_name}@tig.as is my main e-mail address. It is hosted at ProtonMail.
  • Please note that I am notoriously bad at email these days, and I have limited time to devote to technical support regarding Onion Browser and my other open-source projects at this time.
  • You can use PGP to encrypt e-mail to me: 0x9090861B (ed25519). More info here. (If you're a ProtonMail user, your e-mails to me are already automatically PGP encrypted.)

Postal Mail:
I happily accept postcards, letters, and other analog ephemera via postal mail. (I'm a Postcrosser and love sending & receiving snail mail.) Address your item to:

Mike Tigas
PO Box 362
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055-0362
United States

Buy me a {coffee, beer, lunch}?

If you're a fan of the kind of work I'm doing, consider sending a small tip?

  • PayPal: paypal.me/mtigas. There's also a PayPal option on the Onion Browser project page.
  • Venmo: mtigas.
  • I have a Patreon where I occasionally (ok ok, rarely?) provide updates on Onion Browser and other things I've been working on. (It's mostly focused on Onion Browser.)
  • If you're of the cryptocurrency persuasion, you can use the following cryptocurrencies:
    • Bitcoin:
    • Zcash (anonymous z-addr):
    • Zcash (normal t-addr):
    • Stellar Lumens (XLM):
  • If you can't send money, maybe write me a postcard? See mailing address in the prior section.

Selected Works

This sample represents a mix of both software and reporting projects. For a comprehensive list of work, check out my GitHub and my ProPublica staff page.

Talks, Panels, Sessions, Workshops

Events I've spoken at, taught at, or otherwise participated in: