Last Page Update: December 6, 2018
Last Major Key Update: December 6, 2018

This page contains verification and download links for my PGP keys, including previously used keys.

“PGP” or “GPG” is a protocol and a set of software that allows people to encrypt messages to one another. It also allows people to “sign” messages so other people who use PGP software can tell — with 100% certainty — that the email actually comes from the sender (it hasn't been forged) and that the message arrived without being edited while in transit. You can learn more at the following links:

PGP Keys

Please note that as of September 2018 I'm now using a hardware-based ECC key (0x9090861B) as listed below. The previous main key of 0x6E0E9923 is still available for continuity and compatibility.

Modern: 0x9090861B [ed25519]

0x9090861B is my ECC key, only compatible with GnuPG 2.1+. I consider this my main key, though you may use 0x6E0E9923 below if this key doesn't work. This key is on Keybase and is available on most keyservers. The "full" key fingerprint is 3966 6CC7 46E8 2D6E F94D 3C4A EA15 00E2 9090 861B.

The key expires on a scheduled basis (next: February 1, 2020) and will be refreshed within six months of the expiration date; if your computer says it's expired, try refreshing it or try downloading it from here again.

Traditional: 0x6E0E9923 [rsa8192]

0x6E0E9923 is my rsa8192 key. It was previously my "main" key and it's the key listed on most of my business cards printed before September 2018. The identity key is an rsa8192 key and the active signing and encryption subkeys are rsa4096 keys. This key is also available on most keyservers. The "full" key fingerprint is 4034 E60A A782 7C5D F21A 89AA A993 E715 6E0E 9923.

As above, this key expires on February 1, 2020 and will be refreshed within six months of the expiration date.

Other Keys

0xFC6562F6 was a previously-used ed25519 PGP key, with a fingerprint of C7F8 ABA9 4110 DBA8 AB99 EBBA CA58 C8E5 FC65 62F6.
0xDFD760C4 was a nistp512 PGP key that was generated in Nitrokey hardware and decommissioned due to a firmware issue; E93C 2D59 372F 3710 9B30 2EBD 916F BC3F DFD7 60C4.

Key Signing Policy

PGP key signing policies are hopelessly pedantic and basically unenforcable on the real-world internet. FWIW, I normally only sign keys when I've met a person in real life. But in general, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

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