NYPL Time Traveller

This app has been retired.

The goal of the Photographic Views of New York City collection was "to document the changing face of New York City" structures and buildings. This app previously provided a way to see 1870s to 1970s NYC for yourself as you travel through the city, by connecting your Foursquare account.

In October 2013, due to a change in Foursquare's API, this app no longer works and has been disabled. To read about what this app was like, check out the coverage in Laughing Squid and About Foursquare. You can also read the New York Public Library's recap of the hackathon event that spawned this project.


Project created at the NYPL Historical Geolocation Hackathon by Jeff Larson, Mike Tigas, Sisi Wei and Ashley Williams. See the Github repo. Huge thanks to Dan Vanderkam's geocoding work on all of these images.