NX3S: Projects by Mike Tigas

Hi! I'm Mike Tigas. I currently consolidate some hobby work under the "NX3S" handle: at this point it's mostly car stuff with a tiny bit of digital-mode amateur radio sprinked in — NX3S is my FCC-issued callsign.

My main website has a bio, and links to other stuff of mine.

👉 I primarily post stuff to @nx3s.io on instagram:

👉 Videos mostly end up on YouTube:

Car Stuff: 2016 Volkswagen Golf R

Current setup / modifications / etc

As of: May 8, 2021

If it's not listed above, it should be stock, though I may have missed very minor things.

Regarding data logging & video, I've got some Python scripts to merge the RaceChrono and AccessPort datalogs, and then I throw them into RaceRender to generate gauges when I make onboard videos for YouTube. Perhaps I'll clean them up and share that process & code someday.

An aside on the environmental impact of this hobby

Like any other ongoing concern of what may be persistent Catholic guilt in my life, I can't help but have that little part of me that feels conflicted about how much of this revolves around putting the pedal to the floor and literally burning off more gasoline.

I recently switched over to banking with Aspiration (referral link), which claims to avoid using deposits to fund or invest in certain areas, such as fossil fuels. Their paid "Plus" account level is supposed to result in the purchase of carbon offsets for all gas pump charges on the debit card. (As someone who works in investigative journalism, I'd love to see the receipts on that. And yes, I know that offset markets are often flawed & can be gamed. But being mindful of these flaws and my impacts elsewhere — like supporting a community solar program for my home electricity supply — it's at least some place to start?) So anyway, all my gas is going on that debit card at this point.

Perhaps in a few years, I'll be able to do this with an EV. But I also hope to keep this Golf running as long as possible, to avoid the impact of replacement. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Radio Stuff

View my profile on QRZ.com.

When my car isn't running motorsports events, I sometimes have a VHF antenna mounted on it, beaconing APRS data.

When I'm at home, sometimes mess around with computer-based weak-signal communication, like FT8/JS8Call/JT9/JT65, because the idea of communicating with low power and through massive distances and massive interference is super interesting to me.