How do you combine elements of Jhonen Vasquez, Professor Membrane, Terry from Batman Beyond, and Cale and Korso from Titan A.E.? I'll tell you when I find out.

Life's been good, just to let you know.

I've been very much busy since last update. Haven't had a regular weekend since before Spring Break. Been tired and busy and tired of being busy. This four-day weekend REALLY helped me get myself back together.

Just printed like 10 pages of images from Titan A.E., Batman Beyond, and Invader Zim (and other Jhonen Vasquez works) for some messing around with art.

I've got a new computer coming by the month's end. I'm looking for something to put the HyperThreading 3.06GHz P4 processor to use. More specifically, Photoshop with an actual need for power with badass art and whatnot.

This post's a quicky. I don't wanna post 10 pages today.


Busy with work, rather. Not work work, but things to do, actually. Yesh. I think I've got that cleared up nicely.

Haven't had a regular weekend since before Spring Break.

Let's see... When was last blog post? The 2nd? That was... Hm... Wednesday... So it's been a week.

I was out on Thursday also. I was gonna go to school, but decided it'd be better if I got all my make-up work done then, just to be on the safer side. And it worked. All ready Friday, and I'm all good.

Saturday... Was bleh. Spent the morning working at a soup kitchen in the ghetto for community service. Got lost on the way home, because the other group we were following decided to take a food stop. Well, not lost, but... We took the long long way, at least. Hey, at least I'm back.

Standardized testing this week and next.

I made Honor Society.

I made it into the Missour Scholar's Academy.

I've been on a roll. The worst part is, I'm starting to get exausted, partly. This weekend I'm heading to Columbia, Missouri, to Rock Bridge High School, for the GPML State Finals. (Yeah, I made state, too.) Rock Bridge... I'd be going there if I didn't move to St. Louis in '96. Or was that '95?

Anyway. Every time one of those good things happened to me, I could only remember one thing. Something CHris e-mailed to me. (He'll hate me for this one.) SOme angry shit about how I'm perfect and whatnot.

There was this one line that went something like "I hate how everything is going your way, in almost every sense."

All my life, I've never thought of myself as the best of the best. Sure I'm great, but I'm not at the top. There's tons better than me. But the longer I've gone on, the reasons have become more like excuses. I've been saying that I'm not really that good, and it's just because the rest of my school's stupid. The fact that I'm being compared to idiots. But seriously. It's been coming upon me that I might actually be as good as they say. Which means Chris is right. And that I'm starting to lose whatever clarity I have about myself.

I know I'm smart. (My IQ test in December said 134.) Mostly, that hasn't meant a lot to me. Until I realized how much smarter and faster than everyone else I was...

At least the future's gotten a bit more focused for me. I'm looking forward to some sort of spiffyness in my future years. I'm actually even hoping to join the Air Force Academy. The requirements are crazy. But I'm already halfway there. What I need now is to get myself fit as hell.

Actually, what I need right now is a good rest. I can't do it this weekend because of State. Maybe next. It's a 4-day Easter weekend anyway.

Holy shit. I'm going to state. I need to rest. I've already been overloaded with Math with this MAP (Missouri Assessment Program) standardized testing. Wish me luck. I'm probably not gonna update for another long while. (You know, until I find something else to rant about, or until I find that I haven't updated in a week.)

April Fooled

Stayed home sick yesterday and today. I've gotta do some make-up work, and my head's currently pounding, but at least I didn't have to go through school with this headache, and I got to sit here and work on personal projects (like this site) all day.

Did some updating on site, did some other stuff, watched some TV.

It's supposed to be 85 degrees outside today, at the peak of the afternoon. I don't like temperatures higher than 70. At all. I'm a cold weather person. 1, because my allergies turn on when Spring/Summer is around, and 2, because I simply like it better cold. And whatnot.

I think I'll lie down some today. And then get to that work I need to make up. Bleh.

Anyway. I'm loving the concept of this site. It's weird. When I know I'm supposed to be saying something cool, I can't. When I'm lying in bed, trying to sleep, or in the shower, standing half-awake, it's _then_ when I get those moments where I suddenly come up with something good to write about. And then I lose it by the time I wake up or by the time I'm all dried up. Go Figure.

Profile's currently being worked on. Also, I'm adding tons of articles from school, just to show you my inconsistent style. I'm lazy. I only do as much as needed to get across an A. I never really do anything cool unless it's free-form, or I can't think of anything that gets me a 100% with the least amount of work. And that's where the "Moi" writing came from. It's linked to from inside the profile page.

I'll come up with witty shit to say later. My birthday's March 7. I'm getting my license. I'm hopefully getting the Evanescence CD on March 4, when there's no school. And then hopefully going to their concert March 9. It's a REALLY sick week for me. ^^

One word:


The former home of my blog, for 5 minutes. I still plan on putting up some old writings up on this thing. And then putting up writings as I make them. There's an idea.

I could rant like hell at the moment, if I wasn't so tired, if my hands didn't hurt, if my eyes didn't hurt, and if it wasn't past 3am.