I'm sitting here, writing on my notebook, at a loss of words. Bleh. I have a ton of pics that'd tell a much better story. I think I'll call Marcie, who's with some relatives here in Columbia.

Have a bit of free time right now, so I'm just lounging around and chilling in my room for now. Group meeting's at 1:50.

I'll start by saying that this place makes you break from the norm. It's actually the best experience I've ever had in my life. We're the crowning joy of the Missoury Department of Education. I'll also say I already hate it for the sole reason it has to end, and I have to go back to my regular school when it's done.

I've met a lot of new people, made a ton of close friends, and re-kindled some old acquaintences. I'll start with the latter of the bunch.

I used to live in Columbia years ago. Went to an elementary school here in Columbia until the end of second grade, when I moved to STL. That was what--8 years ago? Well, a guy I knew a while ago as a best friend is here at MSA.

Bah. Time's been creeping up on me. I took a few video panorama shots of my room as a mini-tour of my dorm stuffs. And I got a good # of pics. I'll have 'em whenever I can upload 'em.

Each Day, Another Story

So I haven't gathered thoughts in a while. What now? MSA is one of the best experiences ever to change a person. I don't want to get into that right now, though. Well, not many details at least.

Monday morning, I'm walking to my minor for the first time, and I'm bitching about how I want to find people who play DDR. I'm obviously pissed, and I already swearing about it. This one girl, Megan, overhears me and tells me she plays DDR and such. Coincidentally, I later find out she's in my minor. Major irony of situation.

---end, incomplete (lights out; sleep)---

Don't have much to say. Well, rather, it's I have a ton of stuff to talk about, but don't have the time or don't feel like covering it all. Maybe I'll go and do that later. Here's some stuff.

Right now, I'm in the Engineering Building West (EBW), doing a Computer Club quick beginner lesson for Visual Basic. Sneaking in time to write in this in the middle of things, too.

Yeah. I've been horribly busy with crap, that it feels like I've been here for like 4 days. Not joking. And, I went yesterday and today with like 4 hours of sleep each. This place is run off of adrenaline and caffeine. And there's some pretty decent food. (plentiful, too.)

I know there's stuff I could be doing besides MSA, but for now, it's cool. I know there's at least 5 DDR players here. I'm planning to go to Brady whenever I'm not doing activities like this (the Computer Club thing) or doing anything at all.

I've lost track of time. I'm gonna close this up, and I'll probably put up some stuff like schedule information and pictures later. The schedules are different every day. It's so random. You don't know what activites take place until the night before, when they tell you. I love the element of surprise and stuff. Anyway, I'm outta here.

Naturally, I have the best of luck. Jon, of Avidgamers decided to finally update the Avidgamers2.0 Beta, which I run the blog under. Meaning to say, the entire site was rendered unusable in an instan. Meaning to say, I had to spend an entire night setting up a temporary plain-html version of the site for me to use as I please when I'm gone.

And obviously, it's bad timing as I leave in about 28 hours or so, for Columbia, when I'll be at the MSA and whatnot. I'm part stoked, part worried, part confused. lol. I haven't e-mailed my roommate, so it's all up to the element of surprise, as I've been saying. If you feel like keeping track of me while I'm gone, then feel free. It's easier just to skim the quick stats every once in a while, than to read up every single time. But, reading up gets you a much better picture. =)

I'm off to some party tomorrow afternoon, because I owe a couple people for putting their signatures on some papers that got me into NHS. And then finish double/triple checking my gear for packing. It's practically 3am now. Hell, and ironically I'm hearing that Matchbox Twenty song right now, because I happen to have that CD in. Later. Wish me luck. Godspeed. Auf wiedersehen. Goodbye. Later. I already said that.