Tired... Testing out Dreamweaver for some easier WYSIWYG posting of the blog, just because sometimes I'm too lazy to go and do it by hand. Mmmhmm.

Blah. Off to nap for a few hours.

I seem to be living in my own world, apart from everyone else's. Not just in a mental/emotional sense, but in a much larger, profound sense.

Everyone lives and grows up differently. But I'm just now realizing how charmed my life's been in too many ways. I take too much for granted. What I complain about, some people would actually wish to have a piece of.

Take school for example. I complain that I can sleep in half my classes and pull straight A's, getting a weighted 4.167 GPA. I complain that my classes are so boring that that's why I fall asleep. I spoke of wanting more work, but I've heard from more than a handful of people (MSAers and random people I know online) that they wished they had more of my position.

I hate to admit it, but I always seem to never be in a position to complain. (As much as I do, it's hard to figure out.) Whenever I seem to, someone else always seems to make one little note about a problem of theirs that, in my eyes, massively out-does mine.

Jack Thompson

Posted on http://www.diabloii.net: (article link)

"It seems video games and their effects on the young is under scrutiny by Miami attorney Jack Thompson again, after two teenagers open fired on traffic with a rifle killing a man and badly injuring a woman. It's claimed they were acting out Rockstar's Action title Grand Theft Auto. GTA iss a fairly gory title, hence the Mature 17+ rating slapped on by ESRB. Interestingly, this news brings to light another case he appears to be preparing to fight. That of a 14 year old boy who stabbed his aunt to death just hours after playing Diablo. Mr Thompson feels that connection is 'hugely significant', even though it looks as if the child could have been sleepwalking at the time.

"You can follow Mr Thompson's efforts on his site, stopkill, here. Thanks to Mark Philip Rennie for the story alert."

Hah. I even went over to browse a bit of stopkill.com. "Its purpose now is to give you the means to contact Miami attorney Jack Thompson if you know of someone harmed by violent entertainment, including video games."

Aww, man. I think I need to turn in my dad's brother's daughter's boyfriend's uncle's 5 year old neice, who stabbed someone with scissors 10 minutes after playing "rock paper scissors".

That site's a bunch of beaurocratic bullshit. "Entertainment giant Sony has recently announced that it will not distribute these murder simulation games to Japanese children, but such games are "appropriate" for American and European kids. Isn't that nice?" Anyone ever think of "target audiences"? GTA was built to appeal to American audiences. Obviously, I have a bone to pick against Jack Thompson now. He's on my "list", as they say. Oh man, time to whip out the Halo to practice my sniping.

I'm rethinking the blog thing here. Gonna go back to that thing where I don't ramble so much and start writing about what's going on, because I mean, I have my thoughts written down, but I don't really have a record of the shit that's happening to me.

Journal entry

I said I wasn't gonna keep this thing anymore...and I really don't think I am...the whole concept is stupid really...broadcasting my thoughts and feelings on the internet, not like anyone reads them anyway.

Mmmm! I've thought like that, many a day. But I'm far too bored, and my mind races in random directions all the time. And I've actually developed a liking to write shit down. I can think in my head "shit shit shit, fuck blah blah" and when I type it down, it's even more insane and obnoxious. Also, there's those ramblings that do seem to make sense and logic and stuff.

I wrote a long rambling for 45 minutes, and then accidentally lost it. So I said "screw this" and I'll write about that later.