Notice: I have neither posted nor updated any content on this blog since the mid 2010's. (😱) Please check out the homepage and my bio, for more recent information.

I started blogging here about ten years ago, when I was still a kid, and when hand-editing a handful of HTML pages was an acceptable way to run a blog. (And no "permalinks"/"detail pages"!) LiveJournal was still invite-only. The first public release of Wordpress wouldn’t come happen for another six months. (And you’d have to host it yourself: the service wouldn’t happen for another three years.)

By “blogging here,” I mean here on this Ship of Theseus which was once straight hand-crafted HTML and then an AvidGamers CMS hack and then plain HTML again and then a pMachine CMS blog and then Wordpress and then a hand-crafted Django app. It has gone through enough thematic phases and has outlasted most Xanga blogs and MySpace profiles. But I still consider it one and the same as it’s only ever existed in one place at any given time (though the place has varied).

I’m sometimes called out for being too nostalgic, a trait which probably explains how intact the majority of the archive remains. There are some non-public posts in the mix, but I have generally dragged the bulk of it along publicly — including even the awkward, rambling, philosophizing teenager.

Now, a lot of that content is embarrassing (and I personally haven’t looked through it and re-vetted it in years), but I think I’ve stubbornly dragged it along as some sort of awkward personal benchmark: some form of this has existed for nearly half of the entire lifetime of the World Wide Web (circa 1991-92).

(To be fair to that count, this website is not a direct continuation of my first attempt, created in 1998. That <blink>-ing, <marquee>-scrolling, MIDI-playing, child-built website was a different beast altogether.)

Now, I’d say “I’ll get back into the habit of brain dumping here,” but I’ve never habitually done that (save for a few months maybe eight or nine years ago). But there’s big news to talk about, and hopefully I’ll get to talking about that — and other fun things — soon.

Here’s to another ten years and outlasting a few more hosting providers/blog sites/social networks.