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Fun with the Rdio API

Updated 4/20: Now with actual templates & responsive design on the listing page. Check it out (links at bottom of this post).

Did you know that Rdio has an API? I’d known about it for quite some time but hadn’t really looked into it unti this little feature request by Idan Gazit a couple days ago:

I got bored and took it as a little call to action to tinker around with the API — and built a simple page that provides that requested feature.

Built/deployed it in near-record time by building it in Flask and throwing it online in Heroku. (By “near-record time”, I really do mean under 3.5 hours start-to-finish.)

Since I’m on a bit of an open-source spree, the project’s source is available on GitHub with some rudimentary instructions. The client bits are super simple in scope and really just wrap the getNewReleases, findUser, and getArtistsInCollection methods in the Rdio API. (I’m using the Rdio-supplied Python client library to handle all the clunky OAuth bits.)

If you’re a Rdio user: check it out. (And if you’re not: Rdio is pretty awesome and you should check them out first.)