Onion Browser

tldr: A minimal, open-source web browser for iOS that tunnels web traffic through Tor.

  • Product page — detailed description, screenshots, etc
  • App Store link ($0.99)
  • GitHub project — source tree & technical readme file
  • (Update 5/3: Removed block of text regarding donating a percentage of the proceeds to the Tor Project and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. As per App Store guidelines, donations as part of the app price are verboten; I cannot advertise that any portion of app sales are directly going to donation, but plan on continuing to donate to these organizations privately. I implore others to also consider donating on their own.)

    It’s primarily on sale (rather than free) because I’d like to somewhat recoup my iOS Developer Program subscription cost (and perhaps make a small amount) while still making the app accessible to people who are unable to afford their own Developer Program subscription to build/install their own device copies of this app (since the source code is free). (I renewed my own iOS Developer Program subscription after over a year hiatus of iOS development just for this app.) I think selecting the lowest price point is a fair trade between public accessibility and my own overhead cost.

    That’s the summary and status for the time being. Check out the product page and the GitHub project and feel free to comment here or on Hacker News.