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About twelve months ago, I wrote an incomplete blog post about my goals for 2011. This isn’t it, but digging that up inspired some points in this quick year-end recap.

Notable Work

Spent the first four or so months of the year working on Census data: launched the Spokesman-Review Census Center right after the first data dumps came around. I got invited by the awesome NICAR folks to help hack on (Took the original NationBrowse down in mid-November since the Spokesman project functionally supersedes it.)

Coming off of that Census high, we started putting together more “data browse” tools at the Spokesman-Review.

Notable Personal Developments

  • An illness in the family at the turn of the year. Hustled to visit for a week in January. (Everything’s fine now and I’m thankful for that.)
  • Came close to leaving Spokane for good, for the shine and glamor of Silicon Valley. Couldn’t bring myself to leave loose ends and burn bridges that way.
  • Ran the 12k Lilac Bloomsday Run with nearly no training, more or less out of shape. (And fared better than I thought I would.)
  • Started going to the gym a couple times a week.
  • Took a day trip to a missile silo.
  • Took a weekend trip to northeast Washington and Nelson, British Columbia
  • Witnessed the final Space Shuttle launch in person.
  • Some absurdly awesome baseball happened this year, too. (Outside of the Cardinals: who could forget the last day of the season? [1] [2] [3])
  • Oh, and I moved in with a girl. That’s something that people do, right?

No projections for 2012. This year was ridiculous and I couldn’t have predicted it, so I don’t want to bother.

No concrete goals or resolutions, either. (The calendar is such an arbitrary measuring device and who keeps resolutions anyway?) Just this: do good, and do more awesome than last year.*

*Subject to change.