Jim Edmonds is “[email protected]#$% done with the Cardinals”

According to a messageboard post by Bernie Miklasz of the Post-Dispatch:

No, what he did was this, according to Mike Claiborne of KTRS:

When FSN's Brent Stover and Claiborne (KTRS) approached Edmonds after the game for a quickie on-field interview that has become standard procedure for MLB rights holders, Edmonds blew them off and said:

"I'm (censored) done with St. Louis TV and radio and I'm (censored) done with the Cardinals."

And then he walked into the Cubs dugout.

Me, I'd love to pretend the above never happened. I'd love to pretend that Jimmy ain't playing on the Cubs. You know, just relive 2004 all over again.
Jim Edmonds, 2004 NLCS home run

But no, that's not going to happen.

Jim Edmonds is dead to me. He's a Cub now. And an asshole. (I'll admit that I'd heard similar things about him while still a Cardinal, that I batted a blind eye to.)

(Stat update: As of the third inning today, Jimmy is batting 3-for-12 2-for-15 against the Redbirds -- both being home runs.)