In Seattle for the weekend. Staying with a Filipino family (old friends of my mom) and they're showing me around town. (Boy, did I miss Filipino food.)

Columbia River / Wanapum Lake

Above photo is one of those off-highway scenic view locations, this one overlooking the Wanapum Lake / Columbia River area, just west of a little town named George. (Which is home to the legendary Gorge Amphitheatre, by the way.) I didn't put two and two together until I saw the water tower for the town of George. Which is to say, George, WA. Which is to say, the town is named George Washington. You know, like the guy.

I mean, I guess Missouri has some pretty obnoxious place names -- i.e., Versailles, MO (pronounced ver-sales).

But I'm holding George Washington high on my list of obnoxiously named towns. Right up at the top with Missouri City, Texas -- a town that went so far as to even gank my fine home state's motto and call itself "The show me city."

And yes, after a mild hiatus, I'm taking photos again. I stopped for most of July since I left my camera battery charger in New Jersey after my trip over there and (as of yet) haven't bothered to get it sent back to me.