I don't really have anything to say about my trip to Seattle last weekend that the photos can't say for me. It was awesome and that's precisely what they say.

(And to think, I'll be out of the Northwest completely next weekend.)

I enjoyed driving there, I watched the Blue Angels practice a bit (again I have to ask, who in the world decided that closing the city's main East-West interstate for three hours was a good idea?), walked around the Seattle Center area (Space Needle and all), had some delicious Filipino food, hung around Pike Place Market, and got a chance to see a Mariners game at Safeco Field. (Over the course of 2-3 days; there's no way in hell I'd be hectic enough to cram that into one.)

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Columbia River / Wanapum Lake

  Low Flying Objects: Watch your head.  Needle n' Wheel


Pike Place Market

    Safeco Field

Safeco Field

Jim Edmonds is “[email protected]#$% done with the Cardinals”

According to a messageboard post by Bernie Miklasz of the Post-Dispatch:

No, what he did was this, according to Mike Claiborne of KTRS:

When FSN's Brent Stover and Claiborne (KTRS) approached Edmonds after the game for a quickie on-field interview that has become standard procedure for MLB rights holders, Edmonds blew them off and said:

"I'm (censored) done with St. Louis TV and radio and I'm (censored) done with the Cardinals."

And then he walked into the Cubs dugout.

Me, I'd love to pretend the above never happened. I'd love to pretend that Jimmy ain't playing on the Cubs. You know, just relive 2004 all over again.
Jim Edmonds, 2004 NLCS home run

But no, that's not going to happen.

Jim Edmonds is dead to me. He's a Cub now. And an asshole. (I'll admit that I'd heard similar things about him while still a Cardinal, that I batted a blind eye to.)

(Stat update: As of the third inning today, Jimmy is batting 3-for-12 2-for-15 against the Redbirds -- both being home runs.)


In Seattle for the weekend. Staying with a Filipino family (old friends of my mom) and they're showing me around town. (Boy, did I miss Filipino food.)

Columbia River / Wanapum Lake

Above photo is one of those off-highway scenic view locations, this one overlooking the Wanapum Lake / Columbia River area, just west of a little town named George. (Which is home to the legendary Gorge Amphitheatre, by the way.) I didn't put two and two together until I saw the water tower for the town of George. Which is to say, George, WA. Which is to say, the town is named George Washington. You know, like the guy.

I mean, I guess Missouri has some pretty obnoxious place names -- i.e., Versailles, MO (pronounced ver-sales).

But I'm holding George Washington high on my list of obnoxiously named towns. Right up at the top with Missouri City, Texas -- a town that went so far as to even gank my fine home state's motto and call itself "The show me city."

And yes, after a mild hiatus, I'm taking photos again. I stopped for most of July since I left my camera battery charger in New Jersey after my trip over there and (as of yet) haven't bothered to get it sent back to me.