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The long road’s end

March 27: Dunellen, NJ

We decided to take a minor road trip down south to visit Eight on the Break, which is definitely one of the coolest arcades I've been to.

All the driving games I like? Got it. All the music-based games for Glenn? Got it. And plenty of fighting games, which Chris definitely enjoyed. It's also the host for the New Jersey Pinball League, lol.

We try to make it down to The Break every time we're in Jersey, of course for the games, but also for the cheap lunch -- $4 buys you a cheese steak sandwich with fries and a drink.

Good times.

March 27: New Brunswick, NJ

We stopped by Dave and Erin's again, without calling ahead. Wasted a few hours, got another fat sandwich dinner at the grease trucks... We figured it was the best way to spend the last day of the trip.

March 28: Back on the road

We woke up early and got breakfast with Chris at the Original Pancake House on Route 10 near Livingston. I drove all the way to Indianapolis by 9pm... Hell, I probably could've made it all the way to St. Louis if we didn't have to stop over...

Met Marcie and my dad in Indy for the Indiana State Yoyo Contest and we stayed overnight in a hotel.

March 29: Indianapolis, IN

Took photos of that Indiana Yoyo Contest. A lot of photos, for free, because there was a ton of interest last time I took photos of an event like this.

2008 Indiana State Yoyo Contest 2008 Indiana State Yoyo Contest

Spent the afternoon driving the last four hours back to St. Louis... And with that, the trip basically ended. (There's still the last leg to Columbia, but that's a no-brainer at this point.) My odometer reads 2340 miles since I've left Columbia over a week ago. I can't believe I did it and I drove it all.

It's been fun, but on the flip side I realized I've got a ton of work to get done over the next couple weeks. Eh, I shouldn't fare too poorly.

I have a lot of photos from the New Jersey/New York trip, but I think I left the negatives in Jersey. The scanner over there also wasn't that great, so I decided to wait to print before scanning/uploading. Eh, I'll keep you posted; it'll be done whenever I get around to it.