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Manhattan, New York, NY

Found our way over to the city today.

I got a chance to meet with Brian Hamman, of the New York Times. Got a tour of the newsroom and office (quite an awesome building) and got some lunch with him.

Visited our good ol' friend, Pat -- the guy behind YoYo Nation. We know Pat through Glenn's yoyoing -- he's ordered from that site plenty and Pat actually came down to St. Louis for one of the competitions a year or two ago. (Hell, he had dinner at our house when he was in town.)

Stopped by the B&H Photo super store, too. The place is huge. And from what I looked at, it's got everything the online store has -- it's sheer ridiculous. Got the supplies to develop my many rolls of film (yum, Xtol), which I did the moment we got back to Livingston.

And of course, no trip to New York would be complete without a bite to eat at Tasty Dumpling. Seriously. You can feed a large family for $8 at that place and the stuff actually tastes good. Honest, pick some up and sit down in Columbus Park to eat. It's a good meal.

I've found that navigating New York has become somewhat second nature to me, too. Might have been that summer exchange trip to Germany years ago, but transit maps over here make so much sense to me. Might also be the infographic guy in me, too. Or it could be that I've been to the city at least once a year for the past five years now. Either way. Got in via train, took the subway a few places, took the bus back to Livingston... Got lost once, and that's only because I remembered the wrong street number -- oops.

If I bother to borrow the scanner here, you might get some photos soon. I haven't used my "good" (meaning "digital SLR") camera all vacation, but instead have abused the hell out of my Yashica film camera lately. I dunno, I think I'm falling in love with film again.