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Side trip: Parsippany, NJ

My luck is a funny thing.

Back on Saturday night, right after getting into town, I had a tire blow out en route to Chris' cousin's for a family party of sorts. You know, mere hours after finishing a 1100 mile drive. We got the spare on and went on our way. It got to New Brunswick and back fine, too.

To tell you the truth, my tires should've been replaced way back in November -- I've been having trouble keeping one of my tires inflated (a tiny leak practically at the sidewall, hard to completely repair). That was not the tire that blew out.

With help from Chris' dad, we found our way to a couple of shops only to find that they didn't have a full set in my size. We finally ended up in Parsippany, half an hour away, and got it fixed by an understaffed shop that had way too much to do today.

Oh, life. 1100 miles and then a blown tire after getting here? Someone's smiling down on me.

Tomorrow: New York City.