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Anonymous vs. Scientology, redux

Like last month, I went over to St. Louis to take in the protest against the Church of Scientology.

I don't have much to say this time, mainly because it was more of the same. The dogma and message are still the same and I honestly don't feel it's worth repeating. There are much better sources of information, anyway.

The weather was surprisingly dry (there was a projected 70+% chance of rain in the area) and warm (was in the upper 40's, was projected to be in the upper 30's). This helped as the crowd marched through the Delmar Loop, spreading fliers and information. By comparison, Delmar was a veritable ghost town last month, when the weather was in the 20's.

An "Anonymous global speech" was read out loud at least twice during the protest hours. We sang "Happy Birthday" to L. Ron Hubbard. (We sang "Never Gonna Give You Up" and "Still Alive" a couple times, too.)

I do feel that this one was more productive than last month's. I think that has to do with the weather and the fact that more average citizens were on the town. (As I said before, there was hardly an audience last time around.)

In any case, a bunch of my photos are up.

I've got more on some black and white film that I'll get developed sometime this coming week. A buddy of mine also took a bit of video, we'll see if we can get something out within the next couple days.

Update: B&W, yay. They're all mixed in with the gallery linked up above.

Update: Videos are up.