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Oh, convergence

Lately, the Convergency Room somehow got onto the list of blogs I check daily -- perhaps it's the relative frequency of posts that students are forced to write. Or perhaps I'm bracing myself for the pain that's yet to come when I eventually take those classes. Or I'm learning what I can in the event that I don't get in to that sequence.

Of note was this post, by Alex Tribou, regarding a local iPhone news application, currently in the research phase. And I thought to myself, "finally, something here that I might be interested in reading."

...We've coordinated with all of our newsrooms to come up with an idea for a local news application. There will likely still be some tweaking here and there, but we have a pretty solid idea about what we want to do. We continue to try to get into contact with iPhone users, which has been challenging so far. We were not able to get a list of names like we had hoped, so it looks like we're going to have to spread the word and see what happens. Misty is starting to post our survey so that we can get as much feedback as possible...

I wonder: why solely target iPhones as opposed to any wireless Internet device? I know plenty of people with Windows Mobile phones or Blackberries -- moreso than I know iPhone users. Or is everyone in the School of Journalism so blinded by the empire of Apple?

Bah, and I also wonder why I haven't gotten myself involved in the J-School for all of this Internet business they're trying to do.

At the end of Spring last year, I got a letter from the J-School that said I'd been kicked out of the entire university. I'm positive it was just an impersonal, automatically-generated letter based on the fact that my GPA was so low that it merited kicking me out without probation.

Last week, I got a letter from the J-School that said I made it on the Dean's Honor Roll for Fall 2007. And again, I'm pretty positive it was just an impersonal, automatically-generated letter based on my GPA. Do they even know what kinds of trouble I've been putting myself through for them?

I don't know what to make of it -- being kicked out one semester and then lauded the next. Like in high school, I'm not quite sure any of them really know who the hell I am.


It was a really long weekend and I've got some stories to tell, though I may or may not ever get around to it. But there are always photos, and those are supposed to say like a thousand words each anyway. (So basically I've given you a 52,000 essay there. But not really.)

2008 Rally In The 100 Acre Wood