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Darkroom Adventures

I've been sick since Sunday and it's sucked quite a bit. It's been (not unlike the stock market) inconsistently getting better and worse and better and worse over the past few days. (Not necessarily in that order.) But I've been downing orange juice like no other, and hopefully the combination of rest, juice, tea, and medicine has started turning the tide. Honestly: who gets sick to start off a semester of school?

After an afternoon nap, I was feeling well enough this evening to spend some time in the craft studio darkroom. Because hey, I finished this roll of film almost three weeks ago and I wasn't about to get lazy and pay someone else to do it. And I get cabin fever all too easily; I can't think of more than five instances where I spent more than 18 consecutive hours at home.

In my negatives binder, the last page is dated "Dec 2006 - Jan 2007." Damn. It's been a while.

From the Flickr page:


Gabe is THE most adorable kid around.

I took this picture, and then he ran up to me and tugged at my shirt saying, "Let me see! Let me see!"

"It's not a digital camera," I told him. "It's film."

He walked away with a dejected "Oh..."

I sighed. "...I guess you don't even know what that is." None of our family friends still use film.

Kids these days.

I love the bordered negative carrier I was using, by the way.

Some selects from the Facebook set of New Year's photos:
Group portrait

Those shot glasses were made out of frozen Kool-Aid, by the way.

And oh, what the hell. A photo of Jenn's cats that we're taking care of right now, because it's the first thing I've shot with my good digital camera in almost a month now.
Kitty Love


In other news, I checked out House of Leaves from the library today, because Glenn mentioned it to me and it seemed like something I'd enjoy. Read up on the formatting of the book and you'll see why I'm so interested in it.

I've already got a few things to say and a few quotes to hand out. Stay tuned.