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Withdrawl Symptoms

Originally written on during the first week of November, but wasn't posted until November 26.

Dedicated to baseball fans, particularly those of the Cardinals, who can't seem to get their fix now that the season and postseason are over...

Matt Adams: seen the new movie poster?*
Me: nope, i'll look in a sec

Me: wow. the first thing i noticed in the poster was
Me: "i didn't know they made memphis redbirds shot glasses"
Matt Adams: haha
Me: god, i'm going through baseball withdrawl
Matt Adams: it happens


*Poster for his Kevin Volume 2 video. (Teaser trailer | Kevin Volume 1)

Part of me found it almost sad that I could identify the Memphis Redbirds' logo in a non-zoomed picture at that resolution.

Heh. So the Cardinals won the World Series. In the days immediately following the team's victory and celebration, I realized I'd be going insane without something to fix my baseball addiction...

So what now?

Well, I'll start with a few tidbits of clippings, because I'm bored.

  • Critics are owning up to favoring the Tigers so heavily--a choice I actually agreed with, as I'd favored the Tigers in 6 or 7 games. I figured we'd make a fight of it but that they'd have the upper hand with shitty American League home field advantage. Did not bank on their pitchers completely forgetting how to field balls. (Which is why I also think the NLCS was more exciting, as both teams knew how to play and knew how to be clutch.)

  • Mike Shannon, during the World Series Championship postgame, said it wouldn't be too far off to believe that La Russa would retire so he wouldn't surpass Red Schoendiest's Cardinal manager wins record. And because after such a long career, it might as well be his time. Well, luckily he was wrong.

  • The Cards have an option on Jim Edmonds or else he becomes a free agent. I've read around that the Cards want him for less than his $10 million option costs... We'll see what happens.

  • Nine other Cardinals are free agents (Supp, Weaver, Mulder, Marquis, Spiezio, Belliard, Bennett, Wilson, and Vizcaino)

  • They're maybe making a movie out of Three Nights in August. (Morgan Freeman as Tony La Russa, lol.)

  • And did you know? Players on the winning World Series team get an extra $324,532.72 paycheck, which is worth nearly another year's paycheck for small-role players like Aaron Miles.

For you Cardinals fans looking for stuff to constantly digest during the offseason, I recommend you look no further than:

Even more photos

Stuff from the Cardinals celebration parade. Arrived nearly an hour late and caught the end of it. Was amazed I saw anything at all.

Some panorama action (AutoStitch is amazing):
Busch Stadium Pano 2 Busch Stadium Pano 1

A crappy view of Albert Pujols and David Eckstein:
World Series Parade (Pujols) World Series Parade (Pujols Closeup) World Series Parade (Eckstein)


Some portraits that I took of Marcie:
Portrait of Marcie Tigas Portrait of Marcie Tigas Portrait of Marcie Tigas
Portrait of Marcie Tigas Portrait of Marcie Tigas Portrait of Marcie Tigas


Eh, latest batch from that weekend I went home. The baseball game wasn't the only thing I went to and shot. Took a bunch more stuff that I liked, but here were some of the selects... Might add more later.

Marching band photo Marching band photo
Marching band photo Marching band photo

This one has got to be my favorite with the way Cooper and the color guard girl are set up.