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Rainout — To The Gates of (Baseball) Heaven

Now, I wouldn't normally enjoy having a game delayed and eventually rained out. Especially during the World Series, with all of the tension and excitement built up.

But see, I was planning a pilgrimage to the very gates of Baseball Heaven, a journey to experience last game of the stadium's first season. And what I'd hoped would be a World Series clincher. Before the rainout, such a trip would have occurred on Thursday night with a hasty return to Columbia immediately after the festivities... Only to return to St. Louis that night, as I was already planning to go home for the weekend. (Damn those important Friday classes.) But thanks to Mother Nature, any sort of Game 5 would have to happen on Friday at the earliest. Convenient, as I'll just be taking one trip now.

The 1923 Yankees are the only other team to win the World Series in the first year of a new stadium. 1923. 'The House That Ruth Built.' Now you can't tell me that's not good company to be in. (Ironically enough, Yankee Stadium is going to be closing in '08, for the new one. Definitely going to make my way up there sometime that year. If you didn't know, the Yankees are my other team. What? I was born in Jersey and I've got family up there that swear by the Yankees. And Joe Torre managed the Cardinals for a few years...)

I was looking forward to this season, new stadium and all... Came in with the exciting memory of Pujols' homer last season still fresh in my mind. And through a heart-wrenching season (and postseason) of close calls and dances with elimination, a year that led many to forget what the Cardinals are all about, look at where we are now.

Go Cards. You've exceeded all of our expectations to this point. We're two shy (of clinching) and we've got our last two home games lined up. Let's do it now.