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Cardinals Party

Yadier Molina, rounding the bases and cheering, after his dramatic 9th inning home run

Look into my eyes and it's easy to see, one and one make two, two and one make three: It was destiny. - "Tribute" by Tenacious D

And I thought I was tense in the Division Series when Carpenter was walking in a run during the first inning.

Game 7 really was everything I wanted--and more. It was a true fight to the end by both teams. A true nailbiter: I'd never been as genuinely tense as I was during the second through ninth innings. The home run that wasn't; the amazing Chavez catch. The error, terror, and escape from a bases loaded situation in the 6th. The unlikely home run that was. A walk to load the bases for Cardinals-killer, Carlos Beltrán. And the wicked Wainwright curve ball, called strike three, to end the game, the series, and quell the collective tension of Cardinal nation.

Yadier Molina was the hero. It was the Pujols-Lidge home run all over again. But then we had to get through the bottom of the 9th. Cliff Floyd almost became Kirk Gibson. Beltrán almost became Aaron ****in' Boone. Then Wainwright threw his best stuff. I can't say I'd been thorougly impressed with Wainwright's pitch movement and strikeout potential until Tuesday and Thursday, when he provided some mad clutch to save those from certain doom.

I'm still excited from it. It's still sinking in. It was amazing. It was fate.

You can download the full video of game 7 for free, because rocks. It's so on my iPod soon.

We're throwing a Cardinals party at my place tonight. It's gonna be rockin'. Message me for details.