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Game 7

This was originally written on Facebook, sometime before Game 7 yesterday. Archiving it here, for the hell of it.

Jeff Suppan, hitting a home run

Jeff Suppan's home run in game three was his second career home run. Both were against the same pitcher, Steve Trachsel.

The last pitcher (or Cardinals pitcher?) to hit a home run during the postseason was apparently Bob Gibson of the 1968 Cardinals. In the World Series. Against the Detroit Tigers, of all teams. The Cards had a 3-1 series lead and dropped the last three games.

What does this mean? Absolutely nothing. I just thought it was interesting, as baseball is quite possibly the most superstitious American sport. I heard the little tidbit about Bob Gibson on Sportscenter and dug a little deeper... Heh. Tim McCarver and Mike Shannon were on that '68 team. I bet they'd love a repeat of that World Series.

Game seven tonight had better be good. I almost want to say there's a little bit of fate dealing in this. 2004. Suppan again. Jim Edmonds and The Catch. Except this one was at home, good ol' Busch Stadium.

Time to be clutch, guys.