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stfu n00b!

I walked into the Maneater news meeting last afternoon with Travis Pringle, just to see what was up. Just to see if we could do this. Photo editor looks a lot like David Spade. (Go here and scroll down to Ryan Gladstone, lol.) Picked myself up a photo assignment for the night--just a committee meeting. I bet the people in that room could smell newbie coming off of me. I bet they could tell. Taylor, the one girl who led our Summer Welcome small group (by "our" I mean, Adams and I), was there.

Turns out Taylor McKinney, the person I remember from Summer Welcome is the McKinney in "Holt/McKinney", names on the ballot as candidates for MSA (≈ student government) President and Vice President.

Not to mention I totally didn't know that one of the people talking in the room was the current MSA Vice President.

Ryan said, figure out who's important in the room and work accordingly. And man, I sure janked that up. Oh well, first time, I got a few decent shots anyway. Come Thursday we'll see if any of it can be put to use.

And as of 10:58am today, my request to transfer from the College of Engineering to the School of Journalism has been turned in. It's already been a pretty interesting week. I haven't yet found any gut feeling against doing this. I think I'll like this.