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Matt: seriously, i worry about this kid
Me: "I'm going to try and take a spanish this summer so i can get some more scholarship money,"
Matt: exactly
Me: He does EVERYTHING for the wrong reasons.
Matt: bingo
Me: It's like how you wanted to go not to rolla because you'd be miserable.
Me: He'd be like "i'm so going there."
Matt: LOL
Matt: this is how i see it. he's afraid of being bound by money for the rest of his life. so was i. but what he doesn't realize is that his constant obsession over not being bound by money leads him to be bound by money.
Matt: either way you end up unhappy
Me: that's the way i was about my future.
Me: there are a lot of things like that.
Matt: yeah
Me: i was worried about my future keeping me down. but the idea of the future and not the future itself began to tie me down.
Matt: exactly
Me: your problem stops being about the actual thing and becomes about the concept of the thing.
Matt: bingo
Me: the universe is weird like that.
Me: i don't understand how that makes sense still.
Matt: which is why i just gave up on the concept
Me: the idea of it vs. the acutal thing.
Matt: reminds me of catch-22
May 9, 2005permalinkshare