Note: I no longer blog here, and have not posted here since the mid 2010's. (😱) Please check out the homepage, which probably has links to more recent projects, photography, and (perhaps someday) writing.

Things Undone

Finished applying to Wash. U., because I got tired of sitting on it. It was actually complete, I just hadn't edited it 1040914 times yet. So I glanced over it and submitted it when I had Mom proofread it, too. (I forgot to get my rec form from O'Hearn (counselor) the day of school, though. She said she'd have it and give it to me Friday if I stopped by, which I totally forgot to do.)

Have read a mere 53 pages out of 880 of The Brothers Karamazov... The pages have small fonted text and many more lines than any other book on the AP Lit list... Why must I persist on making things difficult for myself? Ah, but Dostoevsky (and the translators) have such good writing style for someone like me. It's like reading my blog, at times, except without all angst, and more story-like. Really what I mean to say is that he writes in what seems to be stream of conciousness--but everything's really part of the story--and he seems to go into distant tangents--but they all tie in to whatever point he's making at the moment. So yeah. It is similar to but nowhere near the same as the incoherence of my blog--he's quite coherent most of the time, although the style and context and complexity seem to make it hard to see it.

1 page of Brothers Karamazov is like maybe 1.5-2 pages of Catch-22. And the issue there is that Catch-22 was only one hundred something pages.

Therefore, I shouldn't be wasting my time with this book. Though I most definitely am. But it's not due until 15 or 17 January, anyway.

Started meddling around with Java again after a good (more than) two week hiatus. Tried getting GCJ to work (doesn't do byte code, just makes a straight machine code executable which is cool) and failed.

Tried using KDE for a few days as my desktop environment... I use too many GTK-based programs for the KDE spiffy UI stuff to work well... So I switched back to Gnome today. Don't get me wrong, KDE is very pretty (next paragraph), but I can't tear myself away from Firefox (Konquerer sucks) or GAIM (Kopete wouldn't even run) or Thunderbird. Therefore, 80% of my application usage wouldn't even have the spiffy effects anyway. So I decided to just give up on it.

("KDE is very pretty..." - all menus (the "start menu" and all file/edit/view menus) can have transparency, the window borders are more customizable, and everything seems more... skinnable. More available skins for KDE, and they do more advanced things.)

I should also work in advance on the honors problem for Calc, seeing as she told us what she was going to give us the Monday we get back. (Prove the derivatives for the inverse trig functions (arccos, arcsin, etc.), if I remember correctly.)