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The Longest Friday


Highlights of the day. Full comboed Can't Stop Fallin' In Love (Speed Mix). Goddamn, you won't believe how happy I was. I've never been well enough (i.e. sleep and healthy) to do something like that in ages. (Yesterday's sleep-in helped.) And I probalby won't be for a long time. And I also beat Rashaad in perfects and by score on Healing Vision Angelic Mix. I beat Rashaad who beat Brenn. This means I'm effectively in the running for being the best player. (Yeah, right. At least, not on only PA or only fast songs [Maxes] or only freestyle. I've rounded my skills.)

Long day, fun day. Eh. I won't go into total detail. Lemme write up a list for me to remember later, though.

  • Glenn's 14.
  • Rashaad and Cory over for pizza and hanging out during the afternoon before DDRing at the mall.
  • Mall. Myles was there. Pat was there--for the first time in forever.
  • Music store. Chris (big Chris) is INSANELY good at the piano. It looked like he was using a prerecorded thing, but then we looked and he played some VERY nice stuff on several different pianos. And he showed us the $7000 keyboard in the store, because he has one similar to it. INSANELY good.
  • Theater manager. Looks just like Montel, the talkshow host.
  • Manager overhears that we said he looked like Montel. Rashaad tells him "I never liked your show anyway." Montel comes back and tells him (in that angry tone) "Go home, son."
  • People almost got into fights, almost got kicked out, etc.. Knives, fists, drunk people, fake gothic kids (like 11-14 years old), goth/anarchy posers (who don't really understand anarchy), people smoking outside, people fighting, messing around, talking about how some chick is gonna kill some dude, etc. Stupid fucking drama and shit. It's the usual.
  • Brenn's house after the mall, heh. Markivee was cool--not totally insane like last time, but insane like... Cool. Good guy.
  • Snow. Insane. I had to drive, and I don't drive bad weather because Mom never lets me. Challenging Mode. Fun.
  • Fin.

Anti-highlight of the day is that I decided to go to drop Rashaad off at his house. We spent 40 minutes round-trip. I should've stayed home. I got back and was able to say g'nite to Megan, 2 minutes before she left--she was gonna leave 30 minutes prior, but I got lucky, I guess. She really should've slept early--I wouldn't have minded. I didn't have the time to say anything in particular, nor would it have mattered.

She's taking the ACT tomorrow again. Me, being the rediculous guy I am got a 31 the first and only time I took it, but didn't bother to register for December and didn't realize to register for the February date. (Dude, the deadline was January 1 or something. And I'm totally not intellectual enough over Winter Break to think about it.) Eh... She should've gotten more sleep, I think? that's one thought.

Another thought is that I should've stayed home instead of dropping off Rashaad, because i didn't do anything--Mom drove and Glenn gave directions. Would've spent that time better talking to Meg. *sigh*

The one and only upside to all of this is that I'll see her tomorrow.

I hope she does great on that ACT. She's been preparing for it. I never prepare for anything in my life--and sometimes it shows. I hope she kicks my 31's ass--yes, I'm actually hoping someone does better than me at something. I want it for her.

I'm thinking... Megan might come here around 1-2ish. Then I'll probably pick up Rashaad. We might go up to the Mills and play some Pump. Then we'll head to Tropicana Bowling Lanes for DDR 5th Mix and/or bowling. I'm plotting... But there's no way to plot anything with a schedule like tomorrow's. I was already pre-emptively thinking, maybe I could give her a ride home for a change. Perhaps.

So much DDR. So brilliant--I played my BEST DDR today. Accuracy? I full comboed CSFIL-SM and beat Rashaad in HVAM. Freestyle? You should've seen me lay down Rhythm & Police and Freckles on light.

*sigh* This week's been too long. And I just fucked myself over, I think.

I'm making a 67.1 in German--where a 64 (I think) is where the line is drawn between D and F. I was supposed to do a presentation in International Relations but didn't, and told Snidman that I had family issues, which already exposes a hostile situation which may cause some unnecessary people to concern. I'm afraid of confronting outsiders regarding sitautions that are totally out of their understanding of me. I just don't like it.

But on that note, I told Mom that I think the whole family needs to get hooked up with counseling of sorts. The whole family's been having trouble with Dad, and I've been having trouble with him especially. I know he's especially having grievances with me as I have of him. I just don't want to talk to him directly because he doesn't listen or he'll start arguing again. I want a situation where neither he nor I can escape--have a middleman, a professional (a counselor or such) analyze it all and dictate. Etc.

Boy. This great day. there's no one online 'cept Rashaad now, and I'm too tired from earlier today to do anything. So I best go.