Note: I no longer blog here, and have not posted here since the mid 2010's. (😱) Please check out the homepage, which probably has links to more recent projects, photography, and (perhaps someday) writing. Below is the original content of this post:

I spent the entire day flipping between working on homework and re-writing a blog backend, using flatfiles, so I can easily convert this blog over to an automated one.

I'm insane.

PHP is God for web working. I just realized how much farther I can go past plain HTML.

MD5 Checksum of this page's source (before random quotes and headlines and other random stuff generated):
<?php echo (md5_file($file)); ?>

So far, I've coded it all, not looking at the source of other people's blog scripts. I'm doing this with my own mind and my own resources--looking up stuff on and I used the script for random quotes/mottos (like on this page) for the array idea of the flatfile. I bet NO ONE reading this has any idea what I'm talking about, so I'll go back to coding before I lose my train of thought.

Also, I downloaded another song from Staind's latest album (14 Shades of Gray, I think) and I DEFINITELY think I'm getting this album.

And I also threw in a lot of songs into today's MP3 playlist that I haven't heard in ages--songs from Evanescence, in particular. "Whisper" is a GREAT darkly, gothic-sounding song. I can imagine a Vampire Hunter D or Hellsing video to it, actually. There's nothing like a gothic-esque choir to stir up thoughts of vampires and the estranged.