Note: I no longer blog here, and have not posted here since the mid 2010's. (😱) Please check out the homepage, which probably has links to more recent projects, photography, and (perhaps someday) writing.

I spent the entire day flipping between working on homework and re-writing a blog backend, using flatfiles, so I can easily convert this blog over to an automated one.

I'm insane.

PHP is God for web working. I just realized how much farther I can go past plain HTML.

MD5 Checksum of this page's source (before random quotes and headlines and other random stuff generated):
<?php echo (md5_file($file)); ?>

So far, I've coded it all, not looking at the source of other people's blog scripts. I'm doing this with my own mind and my own resources--looking up stuff on and I used the script for random quotes/mottos (like on this page) for the array idea of the flatfile. I bet NO ONE reading this has any idea what I'm talking about, so I'll go back to coding before I lose my train of thought.

Also, I downloaded another song from Staind's latest album (14 Shades of Gray, I think) and I DEFINITELY think I'm getting this album.

And I also threw in a lot of songs into today's MP3 playlist that I haven't heard in ages--songs from Evanescence, in particular. "Whisper" is a GREAT darkly, gothic-sounding song. I can imagine a Vampire Hunter D or Hellsing video to it, actually. There's nothing like a gothic-esque choir to stir up thoughts of vampires and the estranged.

As much as I like football, I won't be watching The Big Game tonight. At least, I'm not planning to. I might catch some, but whatever.

I even forgot all about it until last night when Megan reminded me. -.-

Thank you to Holly and David (of South Carolina) for making me give up on the NFL Playoffs this year. ;p

Hm. Oh, and on a totally unrelated note, I haven't had more than 3 sodas since last Saturday. That's 8 days and I feel as healthy as ever. (Odd, considering I've also been getting an average less sleep over the week than usual. Then again, I had two extra days off.)

Jumpin' jehosafat yeah.

I remember one of the things I was gonna say last night when I left that post hanging.

The repetitive cycle of life? The pointless ventures of school and vegetating? I'm still here.

I dunno what's changed. Maybe it's just my outlook because I'm like "I'll be out of this hellhole soon enough." Or maybe it's because I've gotten a bit more social? (I used to practically not talk at all in any of my classes. And a life outside school? Yeah right.)

Well, the DDR gave me a social life, more or less. Glenn keeps telling me this.

Story goes: If we--he, rather--wasn't so obsessed with DDR, we wouldn't have gone to the mall as much as we have and we wouldn't have made those friends. (A good bunch, indeed.) If I wasn't bitching about playing DDR when I was talking to Ryan Rick at MSA, Megan wouldn't have overheard me that first time. (Though I doubt that has ANYTHING to do wih anything, it's a good coincidence that I remember that's EXACTLY where we met--I was talking DDR, baby.) According to Glenn, I owe my entire life's turnaround for last year to DDR.

I kinda believed it until I thougth about... My car. Fool. THat's where it's at, baby.


My life's pretty much in a situation that's the same as last year's. Same reptition and whatnot. I've just found myself dealing with it more. Maybe it's because I've got people to talk to who can relate, or maybe it's just because of those minute differences.

In 2002, I opened a site up called "Detached Empathy," a blog of sorts. Didn't expect anyone to read it--actually, I didn't want people reading it at first. Then I kinda eased into being comfortable with letting other people read my venting out--thanks to MSA killing a few shyness cells--and I blatantly advertised the site (then renamed "Vagrant") since then. I don't remember why I started. It sounded like a trendy thing to do, I guess. And when I realized I could spill my mind out without anyone in particular looking or caring or anything, that's where the real deal started coming through.


Sometimes I feel like screaming at the top of my lungs at random at school. I'm glad I'm too shy to seriously give it another thought.

I just woke up. My brain's not prone to advanced thinking within 10 minutes of conciousness.

Let's get some food. Breakfast... Lunch... whatever the hell you call it. At 1:30pm. yeah.

Hm... Yeah, "I'll go to sleep soon." -.-

I'm Mr. Idiot.

Kill me.


Something I've been considering is driving out somewhere with Megan one of these weekends. Do something unconventional for once. But where to? I'll figure it out sometime. I dunno. Random idea I wanted to jot down before heading to bed, knowing I'd totally lose it for good if I didn't.

Another thing to jot down is a cleaner, more automated blog, except not using MySQL. Use a base template like this and have it output to the current XHTML setup:


Something ending up like this:

<post>datetime, 2004-02-01T04:01-06:00
location, Home
title, blah blah

blah blah blah
blah blah blah</post>

PHP-based, text-files to edit and stuff, easier than total hand-coding.

Figure out a cheap way to separate posts where there won't be any errors due to typos or me actually using the split string in a post. (I know I use ----- or variants a bit. I want somethign I can't accidentally use in the middle of a post.) Edit: figured it out, edited post... Thoguh idea needs work. XML-based, maybe?

Also, clean up blog code more. DId some of that tonight, but want to streamline it a bit more.

Bah. I better be sound asleep in 10 minutes. Kill me if I'm not.