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Jack Thompson

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"It seems video games and their effects on the young is under scrutiny by Miami attorney Jack Thompson again, after two teenagers open fired on traffic with a rifle killing a man and badly injuring a woman. It's claimed they were acting out Rockstar's Action title Grand Theft Auto. GTA iss a fairly gory title, hence the Mature 17+ rating slapped on by ESRB. Interestingly, this news brings to light another case he appears to be preparing to fight. That of a 14 year old boy who stabbed his aunt to death just hours after playing Diablo. Mr Thompson feels that connection is 'hugely significant', even though it looks as if the child could have been sleepwalking at the time.

"You can follow Mr Thompson's efforts on his site, stopkill, here. Thanks to Mark Philip Rennie for the story alert."

Hah. I even went over to browse a bit of "Its purpose now is to give you the means to contact Miami attorney Jack Thompson if you know of someone harmed by violent entertainment, including video games."

Aww, man. I think I need to turn in my dad's brother's daughter's boyfriend's uncle's 5 year old neice, who stabbed someone with scissors 10 minutes after playing "rock paper scissors".

That site's a bunch of beaurocratic bullshit. "Entertainment giant Sony has recently announced that it will not distribute these murder simulation games to Japanese children, but such games are "appropriate" for American and European kids. Isn't that nice?" Anyone ever think of "target audiences"? GTA was built to appeal to American audiences. Obviously, I have a bone to pick against Jack Thompson now. He's on my "list", as they say. Oh man, time to whip out the Halo to practice my sniping.