I'm rethinking the blog thing here. Gonna go back to that thing where I don't ramble so much and start writing about what's going on, because I mean, I have my thoughts written down, but I don't really have a record of the shit that's happening to me.

Journal entry

I said I wasn't gonna keep this thing anymore...and I really don't think I am...the whole concept is stupid really...broadcasting my thoughts and feelings on the internet, not like anyone reads them anyway.

Mmmm! I've thought like that, many a day. But I'm far too bored, and my mind races in random directions all the time. And I've actually developed a liking to write shit down. I can think in my head "shit shit shit, fuck blah blah" and when I type it down, it's even more insane and obnoxious. Also, there's those ramblings that do seem to make sense and logic and stuff.

I wrote a long rambling for 45 minutes, and then accidentally lost it. So I said "screw this" and I'll write about that later.

Fuck. I just now realized the implications of starting to post to blog again. I have to hold my thoughts back, yet again, because I'll end up angering people in the end. Or because there's something personal, not only about me, but about someone else, that they probably didn't want revealed to the rest of the world. Fuck fuck fuck... I don't want to go back and bother to edit posts again. Just a few quick edits.

If you find something in here that you didn't appreciate me mentioning, let me know. I hate it when other people talk behind my back as well. The intention of this blog isn't to talk behind people's backs or hurt them or reveal something secret about them. It's to show me and my faults, not theirs. If you see a problem with that, you know... ASAP.