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Crazy Weekend Part Duex

I stared up at the sky, as I walked down the street. Not a cloud in sight. The stars were as plentiful as they could be in this bright suburban environment. My lucky stars were out tonight. I thanked them, as I turned to see the Jeep driving past, and then I waved goodbye. I quickened my pace and headed to the afterparty with a half-grin on my face.

I'm too tired to give a real good account of it all. I don't really even wanna bother. Just let it be known that I liked Homecoming because the dance ended up being better than I expected, and that I had a good night with Megan. (I hate dances--last one I went to was in 7th or 8th grade.) And let it be known, that prior to this point, I really didn't think it was possible to turn every single song (rap, techno, rap, rap, gangsta rap, and slow dancing music) into a slow dance song. That and the song Sandstorm isn't highly appreciated by the DJs anymore.

In the words of Celebrity Deathmatch, "Good Fight, Good Night."

Crazy Weekend Part One

Two balloons float up into a partly cloudy, starlit sky. I stare in wonder as they float away into forever. The night is done. Long day. I'm home. But looking up at the clouds and stars, I just can't help but think... It would've all been better with her around, wouldn't it? ...Silent, "stare up at the sky" moments like these are moments you have to share with someone special like that, I guess.

Being at the party tonight, it wasn't so bad... For a while. The slow sappy songs really got to me after a while, though. I really started to miss her...

-I'm writing in this dreamy, sappy style on purpose tonight. I feel like flushing my system of it before I sleep.-

Yesterday, I "napped" from like, 6 until 9:30... Then I proceeded to get myself ready for bed and slept from 10:15 until 6:30 in the morning.

Awakening, I could hear the rain, the thunder, the wind. It was gonna be a fun day. I love bad weather, provided it doesn't damage anything--it's so interesting and such a sight to behold. It's almost beautiful--actually to me, it is. It's like a night sky: to some it's dark, dreary, and scary, but to me it's tranquil, peaceful, beautiful, and humbling.

It started with me, rushing out the door to get to school, grabbing my backpack and an umbrella before heading out. My car sat out in the rain. The sunroof leaks. The windows were open. But again, I was rushing out. I made it soaked, all the way to school, before I realized that I hadn't grabbed something. My ID. It didn't make much of a difference except like 5 bucks that I'll pay the school some time later.

I had tests for my first three classes. I did nothing for the other three.

The Pep Assembly was decent. I sat in the senior class section, because I was sitting with some friends. I'll post pics of this, and maybe the party, later.

I came out, ranting to myself about how such an event--to celebrate Homecoming and rally the school behind our football team--was centered around building up tension, competition, and basically hatred between the classes. Heh.

Later, I helped out a bit with the party. Like, I had to run out in the pouring rain, help unload a ton of ice, bring down the cake, and then drive to the florist to buy flowers, and then drive to their house to look for the camera, drive back because I couldn't find it, drive back to the house because I was supposed to look for it, and then drive back without finding it again, only to learn that they had it there the whole time....

I saw a bunch of people I recognized from school, which shouldn't have surprised me, but did. Eh... I'll leave it with this.

Me: Dude.
Me: So I was at this party earlier today.
Me: And....yeah.
Chris: Uh huh.
Chris: Who's party.
Me: You know how like, those situations where you're friends with someone, and you're left with some of their friends?
Me: Oh, a friend of mine. We're practically cousins. Known her since forever.
Chris: Yeah.
Chris: Cool.
Me: Anyway, that akward situation was teh WHOLE party.
Me: I was acquainted with some of the people.
Me: But that only made it worse.
Chris: Why didn't you introduce yourself to them.
Chris: Then like make witty commentary on whatever they were talking about.
Me: It would've been smoother if I didn' tknow them in the first place.
Me: I did.
Chris: At parties where you don't really know anyone.
Chris: You have to be kinda obnoxious and outspoken.
Chris: More of the latter.
Me: lol
Me: Well, I kinda sorta knew some of the people.
Me: Which killed all spirit of doing the outspoken thing.
Chris: Oh whatever
Chris: You're shy by nature, aren't you?
Me: Yeah.
Me: Rediculously.

Tomorrow's Homecoming, much to my...happiness? I dunno. I've been going sorta insane for the past few, just because of it. At least it's here, and I'll be with her, and even though stuff can go wrong, it'll never ruin my inner drive, my inner focus.

"Baby, baby, baby, when all your love is gone, who will save me from all I'm up against out in this world? And maybe, maybe, maybe, you'll find something that's enough to keep you, but if the bright lights don't recieve you, you should turn yourself around and come on home..."
-"Bright Lights", by Matchbox Twenty

Little things

A bit from last night, regarding homecoming:

Me: Ther'es still a ton of things I haven't finalized for it yet...
Me: Like actually seeing when they'll give me my outsider ticket... (I'm worried, lol.) And then what to wear... And then dinner....
Me: lol
Me: ^_^
Me: lol, I have the rest of th week to figure it out.
Me: Hm... But a part of me tells me that I'll be saying that until Thursday.
Me: Heh.
Megan: lol, mike-chan, I swear, 1) don't bother with dinner at all 2) Burger King

This morning, I woke up a few minutes late, took a shower fast, and was sitting at the table eating breakfast. I stared at the calendar on the wall across the kitchen. Here's a basic step-by-step example train of thought:

  1. Hm... Calendar.
  2. Friday.
  3. Saturday.
  4. Homecoming.....
  5. Shit, gotta dress fancy, gotta get everything together, outsider ticket, scheduling, dinner...
  6. Dinner--"I swear, 1) don't bother with dinner at all 2) Burger King"
  7. Burger king... lol... ^_^
  8. *laugh*

For some reason, that random thought this morning put my day off to a good start, although I did wake up late and felt really really tired this morning for some reason. (I didn't sleep late at all.) I let out a chuckle, smiled to myself, and finished breakfast. Just a little thing like that one line, seemed to make the day--or at least the start of it.

Leading me to a current thought. Just a little blurb. You know, you have those nights where you lie in bed sleepless, and it's all dark and tranquil, nothing but the occasional sound of the wind or rain outside. And those mornings where it's all calm and bright, as everything starts to stir. Moments like those are lonely, simply because it's the only times of day I really seem to be cut off from the world, yet moments like those seem so...picturesque? Cliche? Beautiful? Well, so deep, that it's like those moments really have to be shared with someone to get something out of it.

I love it when the sun comes out amidst dark clouds and seems to light the ground up with an almost eerie light. I love sunset. I love the night sky and the stars. And I really seem to love thunderstorms and the dark gloomy clouds; there's something about them that's just awesome. (link: Sky Photos)

Like I said. Little things seem to make life better. Not all the time, but day-in and day-out, there's some human factor in us that makes little things motivate us.

Yay. I'm talking all profound and sappy again. Some days I'm a poet, some days I'm a bitchy pissed off madman, some days I'm just boring. It happens.

It's been forever since I've rambled, eh? Well, I don't seem to have much to say when I'm on the computer, 's all. I've got a ton of deep thoughts that I swear would be perfect for here, except I just don't have that train of thought when I'm here.

Saturday's Homecoming. 4 days. Heh... I'm so screwed. I think that's maybe the one guaranteed thing of this week. ^_^;;

Anyways... I was drawing a bit earlier today, and realized that fleshing out my characters was the thing I needed to write a story first off. So I'm going back to my story-writing, and seeing what that'll get me. It's continually on-going and stuff.

Well, I've been a slacker since.... Well, a few years. And it's been working, solely because my school doesn't seem to give the uber amounts of homework that should really be preparing me for college. Then again, I'm not so sure much of the school is serious about going to a serious academic college or such. Heh. And obviously, I can't do anything to help those in the complete inverse situation--too much work with teachers who absolutely don't care about how much you have.

Memories... I seem to recall old childhood memories in the third person. These are memories where I'm the kid with the ol' bowl cut and stuff. Like, back-in-the-day childhood. I not only see the friends or relatives I was around, but I see myself, through some sort of alternate point of view. Usually, it's some misc. floating point of view like a perfectly placed camera, a la the movies.

Excuse the breakage of train of thought. In the past 20 minutes (it's now 11:21p), I've basically gone back and forth between this and conversing with a bunch of people. Also, it doesn't help that I'm in a restless mood, but the words are really escaping me. I seem to have no short term memory--I can't really remember what I said, 5 seconds after it's typed. And due to the circumstances of conversations, my train of thought shifts VERY fast. Hence, you're getting pieces of various different rambles, all at once.

There appears to be a tradeoff between effort put into school work, and capacity of school work. Too much homework means you can't get enough sleep. The amount of sleep you get, I believe, directly affects your mind's capacity to work during waking hours. Too much effort with too little capacity may help you learn to deal with stress, but the situation itself is a problem. Too little effort also costs a bit down the road, because I believe stress isn't experienced well until later, and a later jump to a higher workload (in college or such) would hurt. Aye.

Tired... Testing out Dreamweaver for some easier WYSIWYG posting of the blog, just because sometimes I'm too lazy to go and do it by hand. Mmmhmm.

Blah. Off to nap for a few hours.