Note: I no longer blog here, and have not posted here since the mid 2010's. (😱) Please check out the homepage, which probably has links to more recent projects, photography, and (perhaps someday) writing. Below is the original content of this post:

Each Day, Another Story

So I haven't gathered thoughts in a while. What now? MSA is one of the best experiences ever to change a person. I don't want to get into that right now, though. Well, not many details at least.

Monday morning, I'm walking to my minor for the first time, and I'm bitching about how I want to find people who play DDR. I'm obviously pissed, and I already swearing about it. This one girl, Megan, overhears me and tells me she plays DDR and such. Coincidentally, I later find out she's in my minor. Major irony of situation.

---end, incomplete (lights out; sleep)---