Note: I no longer blog here, and have not posted here since the mid 2010's. (😱) Please check out the homepage, which probably has links to more recent projects, photography, and (perhaps someday) writing. Below is the original content of this post:

April Fooled

Stayed home sick yesterday and today. I've gotta do some make-up work, and my head's currently pounding, but at least I didn't have to go through school with this headache, and I got to sit here and work on personal projects (like this site) all day.

Did some updating on site, did some other stuff, watched some TV.

It's supposed to be 85 degrees outside today, at the peak of the afternoon. I don't like temperatures higher than 70. At all. I'm a cold weather person. 1, because my allergies turn on when Spring/Summer is around, and 2, because I simply like it better cold. And whatnot.

I think I'll lie down some today. And then get to that work I need to make up. Bleh.