Anyway. I'm loving the concept of this site. It's weird. When I know I'm supposed to be saying something cool, I can't. When I'm lying in bed, trying to sleep, or in the shower, standing half-awake, it's _then_ when I get those moments where I suddenly come up with something good to write about. And then I lose it by the time I wake up or by the time I'm all dried up. Go Figure.

Profile's currently being worked on. Also, I'm adding tons of articles from school, just to show you my inconsistent style. I'm lazy. I only do as much as needed to get across an A. I never really do anything cool unless it's free-form, or I can't think of anything that gets me a 100% with the least amount of work. And that's where the "Moi" writing came from. It's linked to from inside the profile page.

I'll come up with witty shit to say later. My birthday's March 7. I'm getting my license. I'm hopefully getting the Evanescence CD on March 4, when there's no school. And then hopefully going to their concert March 9. It's a REALLY sick week for me. ^^

One word:


The former home of my blog, for 5 minutes. I still plan on putting up some old writings up on this thing. And then putting up writings as I make them. There's an idea.

I could rant like hell at the moment, if I wasn't so tired, if my hands didn't hurt, if my eyes didn't hurt, and if it wasn't past 3am.