Life. Something that a ton of people I know would have very little experience in. Hunched over their keyboards and such for the entirety of their freetime, they have nothing going for them except the future, and use the present having effortless high marks at school, and do nothing else but waste their time away with entertainment.

Love. In general, it changes people. It can blind and confuse, twist and abuse the strongest people. Driving people to the point of blind rage and evil. In it's purest, truest form, it creates bonds that cannot be broken by human means. Not every one experiences love, but most have some form of bondage to someone or somethign in their life. Very few experience true love.

I stand here at a crossroads of my life, looking back on childhood, and forward to the future, and I'm not sure what the significance of where I've been and where I am is. Life's gotten simple, but yet, I'm not like everyone else. I stand generally as a loner, whilst still keeping friends in school. I'm social, but only to those I've known, or when there's no other options. I'm a slacker, but yet a great achiever. But I'm still waiting it out.

I'm living life to the extent where I feel like I'm not wasting my time; not yet, at least. I go to the mall a ton more frequently than quite a few people I know. I sitll play that old backyard football once in a while, and I've been known to sprint pretty fast.

I haven't loved, but I'm still waiting to find someone to truly relate to. Maybe I've found that person and don't know it. Maybe I passed up my shot. Maybe it's yet to come.

Life isn't as simple as it seems. Something inside me tells me I'm missing something. The only thing I find now that I'd had before was a motivation. A thing to dedicate my all to. The last time I had it was the biggest mistake I think I had in recent times. Maybe keeping it simple, quiet, and calm is better. I'm just riding out these winds.