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Live For The Moment, Die Another Day

[[Listening To: Utada Hikaru - Simple and Clean (Full English Version from Kingdom Hearts, End Cinematic)]]

Anyway. Been working on comic recently. Haven't done anything that amounts to anything with the comic, just yet.

Done the school thing, having hell with homework and such recently. Sleeping habits aren't so cool either. (I'm one of those guys who N33DS like, 9 hours of sleep.) So I've been fighting off a Monday Night Football Hangover most of the day. lol. Go Rams.

Before I lose more of my focus, I'll just say that I'm probably gonna get a webhost soon, from a good friend of mine. One that's hopefully a ton bettar than this crappy Keenspace thing that rarely, if ever, works. So that's more or less that. I'm planning ot use the existing Keenspace "autokeen" script to run the system, and/or modify stuff to make my own, and I'll probably have the 5w33tn355 up soon. If we're still working on the comic by then. Worry not, I'm on the prowl.